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Of polls and preconceived notions

In 1990 I bought a brand new white Mitsubishi Galant. Everywhere I drove I saw other versions of my car. The car won awards and I smugly congratulated myself on making such a wise choice of vehicles. If there were … Continue reading

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Resources for working with Boards

Consulting on strategy is not a “one size fits all” event. It is not even “one size fits most”. Each organization is different, with unique sets of customers, stakeholders, issues and players. That said, there are three different levels in … Continue reading

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Strategy Guardrails – “Best Practices” learned the hard way

Because I make my living as a strategy consultant, I have many opportunities to “talk shop” with others who do strategy. I find it both a great way to learn about some of the interesting things happening in the industry … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Dinner

I grew up in the days before PetSmart. Pets were not as pampered or catered to as they are today. Unless you had a purebred dog that competed for ribbons and championships, it just wasn’t high on the list to … Continue reading

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In the beginning…

It all begins with strategy. Every leader that ever led started with a strategy. And this blog is dedicated to strategy – the development, implementation, measurement and discussion of strategy. Whether personal as in a life plan – or organizational as in … Continue reading

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