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Is “Gap Analysis” the only window?

In my favorite vacation spot there is a rocking chair with a great view. It sits near a window with a view of an old apple tree that draws the local deer. A little further across a well mowed field … Continue reading

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Are there “secret” ingredients to trust?

This is a blog post that kept saying “Write me!!” It’s all about trust and the ingredients it takes to build trust.   Third time’s a charm   The first time I heard it was in an interview with a … Continue reading

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5 things Hotmail forgot about change management strategy

I opened my Hotmail account yesterday morning and discovered they had switched to Outlook. It wouldn’t have been a problem except I was unable to open any of the emails that were there. Hotmail forgot most of the basics of … Continue reading

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Measure everything or measure what matters?

It is a beautiful Saturday, with Chamber of Commerce weather. There is a light breeze, scattered high clouds and the kind of sun that warms you slowly. On this day I have accumulated all of the materials and plans for … Continue reading

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A Strategy for Developing Leaders that Works

I have used this leadership development strategy in multiple contexts, from faith-based non-profits to commercial enterprises. From startups to mature organizations of 25,000 or more. It is simple (William of Occam would be envious) and it works. My plan for … Continue reading

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10 words that will scuttle your strategy

Words matter. They REALLY matter when you are developing a strategy. Weak words will lead to a weak strategy. When these words are part of a strategy that comes from leadership it makes matters even worse. To paraphrase a quote … Continue reading

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10 Titles I won’t imitate on my LinkedIn profile

It is one of the most important pieces of real estate you can imagine. The 120 letters of your LinkedIn profile. But it can be misused. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from The Official … Continue reading

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The Diet Strategy that Helped Me Lose 50 Pounds

“Lose weight”. It is the most popular New Year’s resolution. Six years ago I made dieting  my resolution. Why? Obesity. I stepped on the scale and I couldn’t shrug it off any longer. CDC guidelines said I was obese, with a BMI over … Continue reading

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Three essentials for successful strategy execution

What are the essentials for successful strategy execution? How do you effectively execute a strategy? That was the hook that drew me to read a recent discussion thread on LinkedIn. If you’ve ever worked with or in an organization you … Continue reading

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The Myth of “Do it yourself” Strategic Planning

Some things are easy to do. Some projects require a professional. Some projects should never be the “do it yourself” kind. In the “never” category, some are self-evident. Trying to connect my gas stove is pretty self-evident. Even if I know … Continue reading

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